For your business trip, we can arrange flights, accommodation, car rental or the rules of the space. In addition, we can prepare incentive travel tailored for your clients or employees.

We provide a comprehensive service for your business trips.  Over time (or, In the long term), you will save both money and time procuring the necessary services.  We will choose the appropriate transport connections, providing multiple options, so you can choose based on the price, travel duration, mode of transport and comfort.  Thanks to our partnerships with the reservation systems, our property care can offer the best quality and (most competitive*) prices. We can also arrange car rentals and any accompanying program, including recommendations for restaurants, cultural sites or natural attractions.

Our team consists of professionals who have a long history of working in the field of tourism and who are also passionate travelers.  Therefore, we can provide information, which is enriched by our own personal experience.

We have also created a program, which you can offer to your business partners and team members as an incentive to reward their cooperation with unique travel experiences. Not only will the participants enjoy an exclusive experience, they will also strengthen business/team cooperation through activities such as joint tea harvesting, taking a cooking lesson, hiking in the mountains or relaxing on a yacht.

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