The sun is rising and you can listen to the beautiful soft music of a flute. You are flying at great speeds though the green countryside dotted with pink fields, you pass the neon lights of big cities, and in the distance you can see volcanos floating in the mist. Shinkanzen stops in enchanting Kyoto. A geisha is just dancing in the imperial palace and a Samurai is in a Zen garden, demonstrating his sword skills at the sound of a gong. Ubiquitous bonsai trees and blooming Japanese cherries surprise you with their perfection. Can you smell the irresistible scent of a sakura flower? Follow the sunrise to the other end of the world, to a country with deep traditions and the birthplace of the modern high-tech industry.


Japan has monsoon climate, moderate in the north, subtropical in the middle and tropical climate in the south. The winter monsoon brings snow, summer monsoon brings rain. Typhoons are frequent in fall. Coniferous forests grow in the north, changing into deciduous and evergreen subtropical forests in the south. The ideal time to visit is from March to May. All the flowers and trees are in bloom with bright colors. Temperatures are pleasant and the sky is mostly sunny, with occasional rain. Another time suitable for visiting Japan is fall (September and October). Trees shine with warm colors, and orange and red leaves create a magical atmosphere in the fall sunlight.


The Conrad Tokyo

This hotel is a great combination of Western elegance and Japanese fragrance. From the bar you have a wonderful panoramic view of the bay and a part of the city. Each of the hotel restaurants has Michelin stars. Rooms are spacious and always with a view of the bay, the Tokyo skyscrapers and also the Rainbow Bridge, because they are all located above the 27th floor.

Hotel Granvia Kyoto

The hotel is situated right on top of Kyoto station and it cannot be more convenient than that. It is easy to get anywhere from the station with great coverage of buses and JR (and easy transit to subways if desired). There are many excellent restaurants and shops in the vicinity. The rooms are spacious with beautiful views of Kyoto Tower and snow-capped mountains in the background.

Shangri-la hotel Tokyo

The first-class Shangri-La Hotel is located in the heart of the city at central Tokyo Station. It offers luxury accommodation with free internet access and wellness facilities including a spa and a swimming pool overlooking the gardens of the Imperial Palace.

Important Info

Area 298 km2
Capital city Tokyo
Currency YEN
Official language Japanese
Flight time 13 hours from Prague
Time zone + 7 hours in summer, + 8 hours in winter

You do not need entry visas or vaccination!!!

Japan is a very expensive country.

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