Botswana is an incredibly prosperous country on the African continent. This country has oneofthe three largestdeposits of diamondsin the world.Botswanaisa landlocked countrysituatedinthe middle of SouthernAfrica with themajesticKalahariDesert.In the northwesternpart of the country there are the Okavangoswamps. The river, however, does not resultin a sea,water isabsorbed by thesand of glowingKalahariDesert. The end ofthe flow is anaturalparadiseformedby rivers, lagoons, islands and forests.

The Okavango area boastsover a thousandplant species, morethanany othercomparablylarge areas inAfrica.During the dry season it becomes awatering holefor many speciesof wildlife. You canexperience both theclassicsafari in jeepsand canoeing or motorboating. Life ofAfrican animalscan be observednot only on the ground but alsofrom the air.Anotherrarity of Botswana is ChobeNational Parkin the northof the country. It has the largest concentrationof African elephantsin the world. Arounda hundred thousand elephants constantlymigrate in this area.

It is a safe tourist destination.

Botswanais locatedin a tropicaldrybelt. The best time for visiting the natural reserves is summer (March-November), when it rarely rains, and the average temperature ranges from 15 º C to 25 º C depending on the region. In this period, the animals come to the remnants of water. Visiting Botswana is not recommended during the rainy season (December to February). Not only does it rain a lot, but temperatures can also reach over 40 º C.


Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero, Chobe Game Reserve

Exceptional lodges in Chobe National Park are only an hour and a half away from Victoria waterfalls. This comfortable accomodation is a pleasant stopover when exploring Botswana. These lodges have wonderful spa facilities, indoor and outdoor showers and private gardens. You can expect gourmet cuisine.

Aprivate safari guide is included in your room rate. Don’t miss a trip to Victoria Falls.

Khwai River Lodge

Staying in Khwai River Lodge feels like sitting in the first row of the largest natural theater. You get to see thousands of animals with your own eyes, hour after hour, day after day. At sunset, you will enjoy the intimacy of the moment, candlelight dinner, and delicious South African wine. After dark is the best time to hit the road with an experienced guide for a nighttime safari. You can stay in one of fifteen luxury tents or in a private suite.

Important Info

Area 581 730 km2
Capital city Gaborone
Official language English, Setswana
Flight time 20 hours from Prague
Time zone +1 hours

You do not need entry visas or vaccination!!!

Some vaccination are recommended.

A luxury vacation for wildlife enthusiasts.

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