Hot sun, endless plains and unique adventures in the wilderness. Transfer to a place where African drums sound and you're driving a jeep on a real safari. Lions lying in the grass, leopards resting on a tree and a cheetah watching for its prey in the shadow of isolated trees. The majestic giraffes cannot be over-looked. Elephants walk slowly and blithely across the savanna and vultures fly above the place of last fight. Among all this, Kilimanjaro rises majestically in the distance. Experience the magic of Africa in a country that is home to the Maasai and the largest number of wildlife in the world.

The Republic of Kenya lies in eastern Africa, on the equator with the Indian Ocean to the southeast. Kenya has amazing nature with unprecedented number of rare animals. The high tourist season is in January and February, as the weather is the most convenient – dry and warm - at this time of year. It is also the period when a huge number of birds are found around the lakes.


Ngong House

Total comfort and also escape into the wilderness awaits you at Ngong House that is situated in Langata in Nairobi in the Ngong area. Accommodation includes treehouses, private cabins and suites in the main building. All rooms are very comfortable, quiet and uniquely connected with the surrounding nature. Excellent meals are served in the front part of the resort at a large fireplace, while breakfast and lunch are served outside under a canopy. Original accommodation and warm hospitality ensure a memorable stay just a short distance from the capital city of Kenya.

Kinondo Kwetu

Hotel at Diani Beach is located in a quiet area surrounded by woodland vegetation that is home to the sacred baobab. Magnificent surroundings, white beaches and nearby safari parks create a unique combination of rest and safari trips. To experience ultimate relaxation, stay in private wooden villas decorated with uniquely magical artifacts. As part of the All Inclusive you will dine outside in a tropical garden overlooking the Indian Ocean.



 Kenyan shilink (KES)     

Capital City


Official language

 Swahili, English

Flight time

 10 hours

Time zone

 +2 hours

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