A lighthouse is a mysterious structure that separates the land and the sea. It marks the beginningand the end, warns of the dangerous reefs and shoals. Its light means certainty for stray vessels, by which they are guided to safety. For many people, the lighthouse is often a symbol of romance, and exotic and faraway places.


An old lighthouse hides many secrets of ancient times, but stands still in its place. Does this intrigue you?  I will guide your way.  Accommodations in lighthouses offer a luxury bed and bath surrounded by endless views of water on all sides. Climb to the top of the lighthouse and let your hair blow in the wind and your mind roam free.

We offer you accomodation in different lighthouses in the Netherlands or France, Scotland and Sweden.You can be entirely alone on your own personal rock or you can share a lighthouse with other enthusiasts.


You can choose between lighthouses that are near and far from the coast. Some lighthouses are very luxurious. Some are equipped with a Jacuzzi. It is possible to spend a single night just for an exceptional experience. Prices include transfers to the lighthouse and back, a luxury dinner and a tour of the lighthouse.

Important Info

A vacation for a never-to be-forgotten souvenir!