Villas in Florida

Enjoy a different kind of holiday! We rent luxury villas in Florida. You will relax on a large terrace by the pool, enjoy a drink in the hot tub or spend time boating on the canals of Cape Coral. We will find the house of your dreams and arrange everything for your comfort and memorable stay. Take the whole family, friends, or just go with a partner. There is a wide variety of choices and prices will surprise you!


The Seychelles archipelago is located northeast of Madagascar and is famous for its extraordinary beauty. The islands are trimmed with golden beaches and turquoise blue water, full of giant tortoises and the breathtaking scenery of trees - natural features that cannot be seen elsewhere in the world.


Bienvenidos en Mexico. Traveling is not just about seeing architectural monuments, historic towns and lying on the beach. Mexico is the clearest example of that. It is a country full of colors, various flavors, lively music, an incredible history, diverse culture, and extraordinary people. All these experiences make a person realize that there is more to experience than can be learned from movies and books. Those who have never eaten spicy food, will love it, shy individuals will begin to dance and sing in the squares where mariachi is played.


Beyond the sapphire blue sea and towering mountains, lies the Kingdom of Morocco. In the narrow streets of the royal cities, time has stopped. The air is scented with oriental spices, argan oil, mint and almonds. Royal Palaces glitter in the sun, the fishermen catch fish on the ocean shore, and hand weavers tirelessly weave beautiful almost "flying" carpets. Berber women, as in centuries past, prepare traditional pancakes day after day.  And the majestic High Atlas rises above all of this. Does it sound like a fairy tale? Maybe, so why not experience it...


Maldives is entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the flattest country in the world (no place lies more than 2.5 meters above sea level). Maldivian islands are bathed by crystal clear turquoise water, which can not be found anywhere else. Only you and the sun, fine white sand, coconut palms, brightly blooming and beautifully scented shrubs and underwater world teeming with life. Maldivian islands offer idyllic conditions for almost all water sports such as water skiing, kiting, windsurfing, sailing, riding a jet ski or catamaran sailing.


A lighthouse is a mysterious structure that separates the land and the sea. It marks the beginningand the end, warns of the dangerous reefs and shoals. Its light means certainty for stray vessels, by which they are guided to safety. For many people, the lighthouse is often a symbol of romance, and exotic and faraway places.


Hot sun, endless plains and unique adventures in the wilderness. Transfer to a place where African drums sound and you're driving a jeep on a real safari. Lions lying in the grass, leopards resting on a tree and a cheetah watching for its prey in the shadow of isolated trees. The majestic giraffes cannot be over-looked. Elephants walk slowly and blithely across the savanna and vultures fly above the place of last fight. Among all this, Kilimanjaro rises majestically in the distance. Experience the magic of Africa in a country that is home to the Maasai and the largest number of wildlife in the world.


The sun is rising and you can listen to the beautiful soft music of a flute. You are flying at great speeds though the green countryside dotted with pink fields, you pass the neon lights of big cities, and in the distance you can see volcanos floating in the mist. Shinkanzen stops in enchanting Kyoto. A geisha is just dancing in the imperial palace and a Samurai is in a Zen garden, demonstrating his sword skills at the sound of a gong. Ubiquitous bonsai trees and blooming Japanese cherries surprise you with their perfection. Can you smell the irresistible scent of a sakura flower? Follow the sunrise to the other end of the world, to a country with deep traditions and the birthplace of the modern high-tech industry.


Changing of feelings

This southern, oriental country is yours to fall in love with. Israel is a country that has acquired its character from its Mediterranean climate, as well as the burden of its emotional and variable history. The inhabitants of this country aren't united by their faith, which is a common but mistaken assumption. Jews constitute Israel's religious majority, but Muslims and Christians, Druze and Baha'i followers also live here. There is an ounce of truth in the saying: Two Israelis, three opinions. The land of Israel is a country that moved the history of the entire world and the country with the only sea in the world in which you cannot drown. These are the words of the German writer Martin Wagner, who in his book "How not to get lost" beautifully, wittily and concisely describes the entire country from the first moment of your journey. The book is great and we recommend you read it before you visit Israel.


Tightening the buckles on your ski boots and overlooking the valleys, forests and glittering rocky slopes of an ice kingdom, you can feel the chilling wind in your spine and the excitement rises. The helicopter will drop you off at the very top of the mountain and white untouched beauty will appear in front of you. Adrenaline starts releasing into your blood. As soon as you put on your skis, you will feel absolute freedom. You are going down the deserted slopes, you are choosing your own route, and only the wind, a bunch of your friends and very experienced leader will keep your company. Endless adventure and excitement - this is heliskiing in Canada - the most famous destination for any enthusiast of this sport.

French Polynesia

Tahiti is by far the largest and the most famous of the 118 islands of French Polynesia. It is a blue-green oasis of peace, joy and sensual dreams. The island consists of two circular sections, so it looks like number 8. The center of each section is a volcanic mountain.


On the high seas of the eastern hemisphere, where cannibals lived in ancient times, like shards scattered on the surface, small islands appear in the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. On shore you will be welcomed by smiling singing natives with flowers behind their ears and you will have the feeling that time has stopped here. Bula, welcome to Fiji. Local, heavenly nature will enchant you as the creators of the well-known movie "Return to the Blue Lagoon". Once you dip your feet in the warm fine coral sand, you will not want to leave. Diving in the picturesque caves, snorkeling the turquoise surface and resting in a hammock in the shade of coconut palms, you will experience all this on one of the most romantic places on the planet!

Disney Western Caribbean Cruise

Try to find unique experience during your holiday with your children and enjoy Disney cruise at Caribbean. On Cozumel,revel in the sparkling blue lagoons on a scuba excursion or explore the famous Pre-Columbian Xelha Mayan ruins. On Grand Cayman, discover a Caribbean Eden at the 65-acre Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park with such residents as the blue iguana and regal Cayman parrot. Dance along with Disney Characters at the Adventures Away! Sail–Away Celebration. Experience an endless array of activities on board, from live shows to fine dining at Palo. On shore, go snorkeling and scuba diving where dolphins splash in the crystalline waves.


Botswana is an incredibly prosperous country on the African continent. This country has oneofthe three largestdeposits of diamondsin the world.Botswanaisa landlocked countrysituatedinthe middle of SouthernAfrica with themajesticKalahariDesert.In the northwesternpart of the country there are the Okavangoswamps. The river, however, does not resultin a sea,water isabsorbed by thesand of glowingKalahariDesert. The end ofthe flow is anaturalparadiseformedby rivers, lagoons, islands and forests.


Don´t look for silver in Argentina. Evita, Maradona, Messi, Pope Francis, Gabriela Sabatini, passionate tango, soccer, delicious meat, Gauchos, wine, Aconcagua, penguins, waterfalls, glaciers, Tierra del Fuego, the  Andes, maté tea, trains to the sky - all this and many other things characterize the country of Argentina.


Quiet beauty

The rays of the sun are slowly starting touch your face. Although you are usually asleep at this early hour, as soon as you hear the sound of church bells, you are ready to wake. Upon rising, you look up at the snow-covered giant peaks, which are towering over the sleeping valley. The only thought in your head is to be the first one out riding on the powder covered slopes. Have you ever experienced this, or do you want to experience this? Put on your gloves, goggles, and ski boots, breathe in the frosty mountain air, get ready, steady and go. Alone on an endless highway of  snow, with mountain peaks above you, and a picturesque valley below you and unbelievable silence before other skiers arrive. One bend after another, more and more slopes. For a while you will feel like Hermann Maier, Didier Cuche, Lindsay Vonn, Alberto Tomba or Svindal. You will ride the same slopes as these famous skiers. The Alps are so close, just open your eyes, stop dreaming, and go there.